The Student Association of the ACOFP continues to partner with the Resident Council on personal interviews. We are excited about the insights and perspectives our residents provide students in planning for residency and engaging in volunteer opportunities within ACOFP.

This month, students interviewed Dhairya Kiri, DO, to learn more about his residency program, why he chose his program and what advice he has for students.

Meet Dhairya Kiri, DO

Dhairya Kiri, DO, PGY-3
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital
Clinton Township, Michigan


Why did you choose this residency program?

I chose the Henry Ford Macomb Family Medicine program because of its strong outpatient focus and the variety of patient demographics. Having the resources of a big institution in a community hospital setting was ideal for training.

What is a typical day like in your life as a resident?

A typical day as a resident depends on the service. Usually when I am in the clinic, I start at 8 am; however, I try to arrive at the clinic about half an hour early to pre-chart on the day’s patients. Appointments are typically half an hour each, except for scheduled procedures or surgical clearances. I see the patients, precept with the attending physician and work with them during the visit. I see approximately 10–12 patients in a full day, and usually after the clinic, I round on my patients who are admitted in the hospital. If I am on call, I receive all the after-hours calls that need attention after being screened by the nursing line.

Why did you choose family medicine?

I chose family medicine because it allows me to care for every single age group and allows my day to be flexible and full of surprises. I like that I can build a relationship with my patients over time and care for them during their time of need.

Why did you volunteer to join the Resident Council?

I chose to volunteer with the Resident Council because I believe that resident voices should be heard. Without residents, the medical profession would struggle to provide care for the underserved population. I believe that residents are the backbone of any successful hospital and having representation matters.

Were you involved with ACOFP as a student?

I was involved with ACOFP as a general member during my time in medical school. I did not hold any executive positions but was involved with the events organized by the student group.

What do you like most about ACOFP?

What I like about ACOFP is the advocacy that is done at the national level to make sure that osteopathic family physicians are represented and their voices are heard, in addition to the resources provided for physicians, residents and students. ACOFP stands to support the family medicine profession.

What is your one word of advice to students?

A word of advice for the students would be to follow your passion. If you enjoy what you do, you will have a successful career with a lesser risk for burnout.

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