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Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS: Reboot Your Results

By Donna Brighton, Brighton Leadership Group Leadership goes beyond power and position; it’s about actions, routines and practices. For example, the way information is shared, how decisions are made and the involvement of staff members are all leadership practices. Consistent practices lead to measurable results.    During times of change, routines and practices are disrupted and results are impacted. A […]

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DPC: Patients First, Without Third-Party Billing

Third-party payors have disturbed the service provider’s business process of fulfilling the needs and desires of their clients in health care. Insurance companies have taken away decision-making abilities from physicians and patients. Direct primary care brings that function back to physicians trained to make medical decisions in cooperation with their patients.

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Why Pride

A raid at the Stonewall Inn created momentum for the LGBTQI community, leading us to Pride Month, which is celebrated across the country in June of each year. During this month events and parades are held celebrating the LGBTQI community and the progressive changes of subsequent decades.

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Our Osteopathic Oath: A Pathway for Change

We obviously cannot solve all of the current social problems and health disparities alone, but it is important to leverage our role with patients and in our communities as best we can to help be one of many needed parts of the solution. As physicians, we have a duty to protect the minds, bodies and souls of all our patients.

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Is Your Patient Ready for Hospice?

As osteopathic physicians, we are schooled in the body/mind/spirit of our patients, and therefore, we know the difference between curing and healing. If you cannot cure the patient, hopefully you can heal them. Nowhere is this perhaps more important than in the care of our patient with end-of-life issues.

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Recognizing Excellence in Leadership

ACOFP would like to congratulate its 2020 class of Fellows, Distinguished Fellows and Master Preceptors. In light of the in-person ACOFP ’20 convention cancellation, the Fellows ceremony was also cancelled. The following new 2020 members of the Conclave of Fellows will be honored in the 2021 Ceremony at the 58th Annual Convention and Scientific Seminars in Orlando, Florida. Fellows The […]