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The Power of Human Touch with COVID Patients

As a practicing physician, I have found that there is one symptom that is universal among all COVID patients. Depression by far is universal, and although medication helps, I found a better treatment: human touch. The isolation and lack of human touch that occurs with the virus is epic. I didn’t truly understand the origin of the depression associated with COVID until I lived that nightmare.

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Sparking Students’ Passions in Research

Often students will approach me asking for research prospects. I try to pick research opportunities that connect the medical students with projects that would inspire them and spark their passions. As a clinician, it has been a privilege to work with the students and share learning opportunities.

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The Shoes I Wear

Walking in these shoes to fill so many roles teaches me compassion and reminds me of how important empathy is in my position as an osteopathic physician—especially during a pandemic, when tensions can be even higher than normal.