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Growing the Primary Care Physician Workforce: Legislative Changes to GME

Enacted on December 27, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) is one of the largest bills ever passed by Congress—both in terms of funding and policy changes. Many provisions impacted family medicine, but this post highlights changes to one of the most important federal physician training programs—graduate medical education (GME)—and ACOFP’s work to further grow the primary care physician workforce.

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Treating Osteoarthritis Flare-Ups in the Age of COVID-19

For years we have been telling our patients to move more. With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to wide-spread shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and quarantine protocols, employees are working from home and finding new and even more sedentary daily routines than ever before. As a result of this physical inactivity, metabolic and musculoskeletal complications may lead to worsening of these chronic diseases and increase the number of physically disabled people in the years to come.

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Face Masks as a Preventative Measure in the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the day and age of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, many are searching for consistent guidance on measures they can take to protect themselves and loved ones. Primary care physicians are often on the front lines of these conversations and, as such, it is vital that a uniform, evidence-based message is being relayed to patients on up-to-date recommendations.

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The Power of Human Touch with COVID Patients

As a practicing physician, I have found that there is one symptom that is universal among all COVID patients. Depression by far is universal, and although medication helps, I found a better treatment: human touch. The isolation and lack of human touch that occurs with the virus is epic. I didn’t truly understand the origin of the depression associated with COVID until I lived that nightmare.

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A Source of Constant Support

It’s been a difficult year, to say the least. The pandemic has had a lasting effect on every aspect of our lives. How we work and live has changed—perhaps indefinitely. ACOFP has been a source of constant support during these months, and I am extremely grateful for my ACOFP family for helping me through these difficult times.