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The Power of Human Touch with COVID Patients

As a practicing physician, I have found that there is one symptom that is universal among all COVID patients. Depression by far is universal, and although medication helps, I found a better treatment: human touch. The isolation and lack of human touch that occurs with the virus is epic. I didn’t truly understand the origin of the depression associated with COVID until I lived that nightmare.

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Why You Don’t Want to Miss ACOFP ’21 Virtual

The ACOFP 58th Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars, taking place virtually March 11–14, offers a robust program of continuing medical education that is personalized just for you. Whether you are a resident, new to the family medicine practice profession or have been helping patience for years, ACOFP ’21 Virtual is for you.

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Sparking Students’ Passions in Research

Often students will approach me asking for research prospects. I try to pick research opportunities that connect the medical students with projects that would inspire them and spark their passions. As a clinician, it has been a privilege to work with the students and share learning opportunities.

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The Shoes I Wear

Walking in these shoes to fill so many roles teaches me compassion and reminds me of how important empathy is in my position as an osteopathic physician—especially during a pandemic, when tensions can be even higher than normal.

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How to Exercise Safely During COVID-19 and Why It Matters

The coronavirus will not go away immediately. Therefore, preventive medicine needs to adapt. Physicians and all health professionals need to consider the benefits of physical activity for their personal health, and for the health of the public. During our COVID-19 existence, exercise is not only good for maintaining physical health, but it is a critical component of maintaining mental fitness.

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Notorious RBG

I look forward to the day when the number of female leaders at our medical schools and in our professional organizations will be too numerous to count and will no longer be a statistic to track—when our communities are represented by women equally in the legislature, when C-suites are filled with women and when all people, regardless of gender or race, are treated equitably based on skills and ability to contribute.

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Resident Spotlight: Zaheera Lukman, DO

I chose family medicine because I saw the impact that preventive medicine can make on one’s life at a very personal level. I also love creating connections with people and family medicine provides wonderful continuity of care. Helping people to be champions of their own health care journey has been a true honor.

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A Source of Constant Support

It’s been a difficult year, to say the least. The pandemic has had a lasting effect on every aspect of our lives. How we work and live has changed—perhaps indefinitely. ACOFP has been a source of constant support during these months, and I am extremely grateful for my ACOFP family for helping me through these difficult times.

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Improving Your Coding for Value-Based Plans with HCC

Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) is the risk-adjustment methodology for Medicare used by all Medicare Advantage plans. HCCs stratify patient risk and predict the costs for capitated payments. This is because patients with only minor health conditions are expected to have averaged medical costs in the near future. Those who have multiple chronic complex conditions are expected to have higher costs due to increased utilization.

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The Importance of Certification

Osteopathic medicine has faced countless threats over nearly 150 years of existence. To ensure osteopathic family medicine remains a viable profession for decades and centuries to come, ACOFP members must come together as a community to encourage residents and medical students to pursue osteopathic certification through AOBFP.

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Proud DO

I am a proud DO physician! I chose to go to an osteopathic school because of the tenets of osteopathy and the additional skills that I could provide my patients with OMT. As an osteopathic family physician, I will continue to serve my patients with the highest quality of care that I can without hesitation. I will continue to serve alongside both DO and MD physicians in ALL specialties and know that they will be providing excellent patient care because that’s just what we do!

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Changing the Dialogue on the DO Profession

I have only heard about the history of DOs fighting to maintain independent licensing in the state of California or being able to gain rounding privileges at traditional allopathic hospitals. I have never been denied the ability to provide holistic care to a patient because I have DO after my name instead of MD. That is why seeing such misinformation about our profession being spread through Twitter, Facebook and mainstream media seems both surreal and archaic at the same time.

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National Primary Care Week

NPCW aims to engage students across the health care system through special programming and communications. NPCW activities are an opportunity for student groups to help others learn about, experience and spread awareness of primary care’s pivotal role in health care. A few ACOFP members shared videos about why they chose family medicine.