Meet Thomas Duffy, DO

Thomas Duffy, DO, PGY-2
College of Osteopathic Medicine: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine Residency Program: OSU Family Medicine – Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 25, 2023

Why did you choose your residency program?

There are a lot of things that drew me towards this program, from the relaxed culture to the opportunities at one of the last free-standing osteopathic academic hospitals. The number one reason I chose OSU FM was the ability to have my continuity clinic site at Morton Clinic, an FQHC in North Tulsa with origins from over 100 years ago to provide care after the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Why did you choose family medicine?

I chose family medicine for a utilitarian reason: it is the specialty that allows me to provide the most help for the most people. I can accept all patients regardless of demographic, which is as fulfilling as it is exciting.

What is a typical day like in your life as a resident?

There really isn’t a “typical day” since life can look drastically different depending on what rotation you are on. More or less, it is some combination of waking up early, listening to podcasts on my way to work, trying to learn everything I can while taking care of patients, pretending to not be a resident for a few hours when I get home to see my family, then going through charts/journals/memes once my family is asleep.

What do you like to do in your time outside of residency?

It’s so important to have both physical and creative outlets! My favorite outlets include cooking with my wife, exercising in VR, and playing board games with friends, especially Dungeons and Dragons.

Why did you volunteer to join the Resident Council?

Much of my med school experience was defined by anxiety: stressed in classes, worried about boards, afraid of the Match. I think the Resident Council, and the ACOFP as a whole, is positioned to provide resources, inspiration, and, most importantly, hope to future family medicine physicians through networking and mentorship.

Were you involved with ACOFP as a Student?

Yes! And I encourage all students to do the same. ACOFP is invested in our students having access to the benefits and relationships of membership, and the best way to get involved is by coming to the annual convention.

What is your one word of advice to students?

Breathe. You will encounter hardships and setbacks, but almost all roadblocks can be turned into speedbumps. You are going to be amazing.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

Dr. Syndey McElroy, family medicine physician and host of the Sawbones Podcast. Her approach to empathetic and humorous science communication is an inspiration in my own journey to provide effective patient-centered care.

What would you title an autobiography or memoir?

“Will Lunch Be Provided?”

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