In this month’s Resident Council Spotlight, hear from Region 2 Representative Brittany Custer, DO. Learn more about why she chose family medicine, her residency program and to get involved in ACOFP.

Meet Brittany Custer, DO

Brittany Custer, DO, PGY-2
College of Osteopathic Medicine: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia Campus Residency Program: Jefferson Health Northeast, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why did you choose family medicine?

I chose family medicine for the endless opportunities it presents. We get the privilege of being able to care for patients—outpatient and inpatient. We get to watch them grow up from babies to adults. Additionally, I have various interests, such as global health work and medical education, and family medicine allows me to combine all of these interests while caring for patients!

What is a typical day like in your life as a resident?

A typical day for me in residency varies depending on the setting. If I am in my outpatient office, I try to get up around 7 am and work out prior to going into my office for my first patient at 9 am. Then I see patients, answer patient calls and fill out paperwork until 6 pm. After that, I typically stay in the office until 7:00–7:30 pm to finish up some charting from the day.

What do you like to do in your time outside of residency?

Outside of residency, I like to work out, explore the Philadelphia restaurant scene with friends or read a good book!

Why did you volunteer to join the Resident Council?  

I volunteered to join the Resident Council because I wanted to have a hand in making meaningful change to our profession. I want to make sure the ACOFP finds new, innovative ways to connect with residents and provide residents with the tools they need to succeed during and after residency.

What do you like most about ACOFP?

I like that the ACOFP provides students, residents and attendings vast opportunities to get involved

What is your one word of advice to students?

Never be afraid to ask the question!

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