The Student Association of the ACOFP continues to partner with the Resident Council on personal interviews. We are excited about the insights and perspectives our residents provide students in planning for residency and engaging in volunteer opportunities within ACOFP.

This month, students interviewed Ravin Patel, DO, to learn more about his residency program, what being a part of ACOFP means to him and what advice he has for students.

Meet Ravin Patel, DO

Ravin Patel, DO
Inspira Health Network
Vineland, New Jersey


Why did you choose this residency program?

I chose my residency program because of my co-residents and attendings. They provide a supportive environment that continues to challenge me to learn and grow my clinical skills. My program also serves a rural patient population that I find so fulfilling to treat.

What is a typical day like in your life as a resident?

A typical day as a resident involves waking up very early in the morning to get to the hospital to follow up on labs imaging and prepare for rounds with our attending. The rest of the day is spent following up on specialist recommendations, adjusting medication and taking new admissions from the ED. After signing out at the end of the day, I always head straight to the gym, go home to cook dinner and unwind by watching a show or reading an article before heading off to bed.

Why did you choose family medicine?

I chose family medicine to be an advocate for my patients. I love being able to educate patients and focus on preventative care.

What is your one word of advice to students?

My biggest piece of advice to medical students is to work hard and trust the process. Focus on your own goals and aspirations and never compare yourself to anyone else. Strive to be the best version of yourself; you are so deserving of your dreams.

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