Each year, as part of the ACOFP Congress of Delegates, dignitary reports are shared from some of our peer organizations. This year, because the 2021 Congress of Delegates was completely virtual, all dignitary reports were submitted in advance. Learn more about what is going on with our partner organizations by accessing their reports below; then, catch up on reading this year’s resolutions and their status.

Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association | Ms. Caryn Tabby

American Academy of Family Physicians | Ada Stewart, MD, FAAFP

American Osteopathic Association | Thomas L. Ely, DO, FACOFP

American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians | John R. Bowling, DO, FACOFP dist.

AOA Osteopathic Political Action Committee | Ronnie B. Martin, DO, FACOFP dist.

ACOFP Education & Research Foundation | Carol L. Henwood, DO, FACOFP dist.

Auxiliary to the ACOFP | Ms. Deidre Froelich

Looking for ACOFP’s report? Watch this video from ACOFP President Nicole Bixler, DO, MBA, FACOFP, and ACOFP Executive Director Bob Moore, MA, CAE, and download your copy of the written version.

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