Resolving to Meet Excellence: ACOFP ’21 Virtual

Nicole Heath Bixler, DO, MBA, FACOFP

ACOFP Membership


WHEREAS, a record high of approximately 2,800 physicians, residents and students registered for the ACOFP 58th Annual Convention and Scientific Seminars; and

WHEREAS, Elizabeth A. Palmarozzi, DO, FACOFP, and Antonios J. Tsomponidis, DO, FACOFP, with the help of the Lumi platform, navigated a truly efficient and successful Congress of Delegates; and

WHEREAS, ACOFP has finally passed a resolution to allow for the admittance of MD members to the organization as full members*; and

WHEREAS, the creation of the Mountain West Society of the ACOFP, under the guidance of David J. Park, DO, FACOFP, FAAFP, has finally been approved; and

WHEREAS, Rebecca D. Lewis, DO, FACOFP; Derrick J. Sorweide, DO, FACOFP; Rachael A. Hume, DO, MPH; and James Wyatt Eikermann, OMS-III have been elected to serve on the Board of Governors; and

WHEREAS, congratulations are in order for the newly elected executive Board members, Bruce R. Williams, DO, FACOFP, as president-elect and Brian A. Kessler, DO, FACOFP, as secretary/treasurer; and

WHEREAS, Rodney M. Wiseman, DO, FACOFP dist.; Ronna D. New, DO, FACOFP; DeAundre A. Dyer, DO; and Thomas Duffy, DO have been recognized for their outstanding service to the ACOFP as governors; and

WHEREAS, ACOFP recognized Tejal Patel, DO, as its first deserving recipient of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award; and

WHEREAS, the opening session with keynote speaker, Sekou Andrews, was received with rave reviews, positive energy and more than 50 pages of printed comments to start the convention on a high note; and

WHEREAS, Bruce Brink, Jr., DO, FACOFP; Joel M. Feder, DO, FACOFP dist.; Barbara E. Walker, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP; Ira P. Monka, DO, MHA, FACOFP; Peter F. Bidey, DO, MSEd, FACOFP; and Rachel A. Young, DO were recognized throughout the convention for their excellence in family medicine leadership, advocacy and education; and

WHEREAS, Stephen L. Legault, MSW; Carol L. Henwood, DO, FACOFP dist.; and Robert C. DeLuca, DO, FACOFP dist., were recognized for their dedication and excellence in service to ACOFP; and

WHEREAS, David Tyler King, DO, MSEd, received the Sander A. Kushner, DO, FACOFP, Memorial Osteopathic Family Medicine Resident Award, sponsored by the ACOFP Education and Research Foundation, for his academic achievement and passion to continue Dr. Kushner’s legacy; and

WHEREAS, Joel M. Feder, DO, FACOFP dist.; Andrew D. Adair, DO, FACOFP; Matthew W. Told, DO; Rob Danoff, DO, MS, FACOFP, FAAFP, and the entire Program Committee should be commended for producing an excellent and informative educational program to meet the diverse needs of ACOFP members; and

WHEREAS, the New Physicians Committee, the Resident Council, the National Student Executive Board, the Ethics Committee, the Practice Management Committee and the Women’s Leadership Committee should be recognized for their contributions in collaborating with the Program Committee and providing program content in their respective areas of expertise; and

WHEREAS, the choice of the Pathable platform for the virtual convention proved to be successful in providing a mechanism for members to connect through Conversation Circles, Idea Exchanges and live interactions with exhibitors/sponsors; and

WHEREAS, there were opportunities for new members and first-time convention attendees to engage “live” with staff, governors and other physicians; and

WHEREAS, the Auxiliary to the ACOFP conducted its annual business meeting and continued its support of medical students by presenting the Marie Wiseman Outstanding Osteopathic Student of the Year Award to Heather Marie McGuire, OMS-IV, in addition to its three Emerging Leader Awards and 19 Osteopathic Family Medicine Student Awards; and

WHEREAS, the National Student Executive Board elected their new slate of officers, including President Joe Li, OMS-III; Vice President Ashley Beckham, OMS-II; Secretary Rachel Souza, OMS-II; and Parliamentarian Kensley Grant, OMS-I; and

WHEREAS, the most entertaining lecture of the convention may have been, “30 for 30: The Best OMT videos,” for in the words of Thomas Duffy, DO, when commenting on counterstrain for an anterior thoracic tenderpoint: “You have to know when to hold them AND when to fold them”; and

WHEREAS, the Forging our Osteopathic Future campaign and the work of the ACOFP Education and Research Foundation was highlighted in various ways throughout the convention and continues to support residents on their path to AOBFP certification; and

WHEREAS, in his capacity as executive director, Bob Moore, MA, CAE, has truly helped us to advance the objectives and strategic plan of the ACOFP with his forward thinking and intuitive insight, through the empowerment of an exceptional staff, through the engagement of partnerships, and through the implementation of new workflow and committee structures—all while remaining positive, energetic, accessible, professional, gracious and thoughtful; and

WHEREAS, the ACOFP Board of Governors should be proud of the difficult decisions that have been made over the past year to bring this organization to the forefront as an example of innovation and perseverance during challenging times; and

WHEREAS, the entire ACOFP staff, including Bob, Annie, Tina, Dan, Steve, Emily, Alexandra, Aly, Judy, Joan, Bina, Shannon, Grace, Paige, Mary, Jessica and Krystle should be commended on their preparation and execution of the 58th Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars; and

WHEREAS, I remain humbled to serve as the president of ACOFP and have the privilege to represent the organization, albeit through various pre-recorded videos and Zoom meetings; and

WHEREAS, we collectively hope for the successful vaccination of our country against the COVID-19 virus, so that we may safely meet again in person; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that ACOFP has successfully navigated its 58th Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars through the collective work of countless dedicated volunteers and leaders within ACOFP, valuable partnerships and hardworking staff. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this groundbreaking (and record-breaking) event.

*Pending AOA approval

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