By Bernadette Riley, DO, FACOFP, FILM

This blog is part of the Women’s Leadership Series.

Working with medical students has been a big plus in my career. From the time I graduated residency, I have dedicated my career to medical education. Research and writing have also been a part of my life, and I am committed to getting osteopathic medical students involved in research opportunities.

Networking has provided me with opportunities to meet very successful and inspirational people. Often students will approach me asking for research prospects.

The first thing I do is ask them about what they are interested in. I try to pick research opportunities that connect the medical students with projects that would inspire them and spark their passions.

I encourage the student to look into journals that they are interested in publishing in and to find out as much information as they can on manuscript writing. We review what project we will be doing and make sure we have the expertise that is needed.

I then try to find networking opportunities for the student that could help them in their future career. For example, with one of the papers below for which two of my students were first and second author, I asked a neurologist to join us on the paper. That way the students were exposed to a variety of specialties and a networking opportunity for a possible future residency.

Meeting bi-weekly on a Zoom call also helps to guide the process and encourage the students at every part of research process.

As a clinician, it has been a privilege to work with the students and to be able to share learning opportunities with them. Seeing their excitement and eagerness to grow and advance their experience while serving as a mentor also enriches my career and reminds me of why I chose a career in medicine.

Bernadette Riley, DO, FACOFP, FILM (top left); Willis Lin, OMS-II (bottom left); Amanda Levy, OMS-II (bottom middle); Melvina Nnam, MBBS, MPH, OMS-II (right top); Dillon Clancy, OMS-IV (right middle); Diane Choi, OMS-III (bottom right)

Recent papers published with osteopathic medical students:

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