By Nicole Bixler, DO, MBA, FACOFP; ACOFP President

It’s been a difficult year, to say the least. The pandemic has had a lasting effect on every aspect of our lives. How we work and live has changed—perhaps indefinitely. ACOFP has been a source of constant support during these months, and I am extremely grateful for my ACOFP family for helping me through these difficult times.

In mid-March, when our schools, medical practices and communities shut down and had to transition to new ways of learning, practicing and surviving, ACOFP was there—providing advocacy and information on key legislation to keep our practices going and free CME opportunities to ensure we could maintain our board requirements.

When we became isolated—both physically and emotionally—in an effort to remain safe from an invisible virus, ACOFP was there with Virtual Doctor’s Lounges and live-streaming CME opportunities, like the reimagined Intensive Osteopathic Update, to keep us connected with each other.

When we sought to achieve a common ground with respect for others—to realize that we all have a backstory, we all have a perceived truth and we all have a set of circumstances that put us where we are today—ACOFP was there with inspiring and thought-provoking contributions from members through ACOFP blog posts.

Once this pandemic has ceased and is no longer a part of our day-to-day, and once there is some semblance of equity and peace amongst all of those in our country, there will still be long-term effects on our mental and physical well-being. 

That is the time when osteopathic family physicians will truly shine—using our skills and knowledge to treat our patients, families and communities holistically; serving as role models in our behaviors, actions and deeds; being responsible advocates for our profession and our patients; and combining all of those skills to lead toward a path of wellness. And ACOFP will be there shining the light on us and our profession.

In case you missed it, for my virtual inauguration speech earlier this month, I spoke about the how the ACOFP family has handled the difficult pandemic year as well as our plans for 2021. View the inauguration video to hear more.

Thank you for your willingness to trust ACOFP in being able to represent you over the past year. I hope you’ll join me and your entire ACOFP family in the year to come. Renew your membership today (log-in required).

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