In each issue, the Osteopathic Family Physician (OFP) journal publishes patient education handouts on a wide range of topics for osteopathic family physicians to share with patients. These handouts have been prepared by members of the Editorial Committee and other ACOFP members. The handouts can also be found on the ACOFP website.

Recently, several physicians have created patient education handouts on COVID-related topics. Simply download the PDFs below and print them out for easy distribution to your patients.

What You Need to Know

This handout is an overview of symptoms, testing, treatments, how to lower one’s risk of infection and what to do when patients have come in contact with a COVID-19-positive person.

What Are Your Symptoms?

This handout covers some common symptoms of COVID-19 but reminds patients that as more is discovered about the virus, the presenting symptoms continue to grow.

What You Can Do to Manage Your Symptoms at Home

This handout provides ways for patients to manage symptoms, including isolation, hydration, rest, monitoring fever, washing hands and cleaning. It also tells patients when they should see their doctors or call 911.

Protecting Yourself and Others

This handout provides an overview of the importance of hand hygiene, wearing masks and social distancing. It also explains how COVID-19 can be transmitted and lists symptoms.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Safely

This handout emphasizes the importance of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to reduce the risk of spreading viruses, explains how to clean safely and effectively, and outlines steps to keep hands protected during and after cleaning.

Osteopathic Home Exercises for Caregivers of COVID-19 Patients

This handout teaches patients techniques that are ideal if they have two or more people in their household who are sick and COVID-19 positive. Treatments addressed in this handout include:

  • SUBOCCIPITAL RELEASE (PARASYMPATHETIC) RELEASE to help balance your nervous system, decrease cough and loosen mucus

  • THORACIC INLET RELEASE (LYMPHATIC TECHNIQUE) to open up the pathway to drain the lymphatic system (improves the immune system)

  • PECTORAL TRACTION (LYMPHATIC TECHNIQUE) to assist moving lymph through the body and help move immune cells to fight infections

  • PEDAL PUMP (LYMPHATIC TECHNIQUE) to assist moving cells that fight infection throughout the lymphatic system

  • RIB RAISING (SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM, RIB MOTION, LYMPHATIC TECHNIQUE) to loosen thick mucus, open the lungs that will help the patient breathe and stimulate the nerves to their lungs.

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